The Volunteers’ Appreciation Gathering took place on Sunday 3rd June 2018 after the Badarak.

Following the service, the volunteers came together in the hall with Srpazan, clergy and councillors to enjoy each other’s company more closely over some conversation and refreshments provided by the ladies of the Ancillary Body. This was a lovely opportunity to reconnect and reflect on our service and discuss ideas for the coming year.
Srpazan Hayr commenced the proceedings with the blessing followed by Ancillary Body member, Maria Lepedjian who thanked all those that had helped throughout the year and also gave a summary of the various events that have taken place from the hugely popular weekly coffee on the lawns to the annual Kermesse.
Zaven Yaghljian spoke on behalf of the Church Council and expressed his heartfelt thanks for the selfless work of our church faithful.
The feeling of goodwill throughout the afternoon resulted in many more members of our church community reaching out and wanting to help in future events.