Celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord during the 50 day period between Easter and Pentecost


Join us for The Feast of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ Divine Liturgy on Thursday 18 May 2023

Avak Oorpat: Burial & Requiem Service

The Burial Service (Gark Taghman) was performed late this afternoon of Holy Friday

Good Friday: Crucifixion

On the morning of 7 April 2023, the Crucifixion Service (Gark Khachelootyan) took place


A sombre Vigil service was held last night on 6 April 2023, commemorating the betrayal, arrest, trial and suffering of Christ

Vodnlova: Washing of the Feet

On 6 April 2023, the second of the three services that take place on Maundy Thursday was the traditional "Washing of the Feet" ceremony

The Last Supper Divine Liturgy

On the morning of 6 April 2023, the service commemorated The Last Supper, at which Jesus instituted the sacrament of the Eucharist by giving Holy Communion to His disciples

Palm Sunday: Children’s Day

On Sunday 2 April 2023, the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was celebrated on Palm Sunday with the altar curtain being reopened after Great Lent

Annual HSC Graduates’ Blessing & Scholarships

On 19 March 2023, The Sunday of the Judge brought with it an inspirational sermon by Archpriest Father Patanian on Prayer and perseverance

Hesgoom + International Women’s Day

The Friday night Hesgoom prayer services continued on 13 March 2023

Sunday of the Steward & Michink

On Sunday 12 March 2023, the Fourth Sunday of Lent, we were reminded of the parable of the unjust Steward

Arevakal Services during Great Lent

The Arevakal (Sunrise) services continued last week, 5 March 2023, on the third Sunday of Great Lent and the lesson of the parable of the Prodigal Son