Feast of the Apparition (Shoghakat) of Holy Etchmiadzin

  The Feast of Shoghakat of Holy Etchmiadzin that is always observed on the Saturday prior to the Feast of the Assumption. Shoghakat refers to the vision of the rays of light seen by St Gregory when God chose the site for the Mother Cathedral. The feast is celebrated at the time of Assumption because... Read More »

Commemoration of the Prophet Jeremiah

  St Jeremiah is one of the major prophets of the Bible. He was the son of Hilkiah, one of the priests of the town Anathoth, not far from Jerusalem. He lived and preached in Jerusalem. Feeling the calling to serve God he devoutly served, refusing to marry and have his own family. His life... Read More »

Commemoration of St Thomas

  St Thomas was born a Jew and was called to be one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. His name in Aramaic (Te'oma) and Greek (Didymos) means "twin". John 11:16 identifies him as "Thomas, called the Twin". However, we do not know of his twin or how he came to have this name.... Read More »