Feast of the Holy Translators St Sahak (Sahag) and St Mesrop (Mesrob)

  Catholicos St Sahak Bartev (Partev) and Archimandrite St Mesrop (Vardapet) Mashtots are the founders of Armenian literature and ecclesiastical bibliography. St Sahak Partev was the elder son of Catholicos St Nersess the Great. He was the last Catholicos of the Armenian Church who descended from the lineage of St Gregory the Illuminator. He became... Read More »

Feast of the Discovery of St Mary’s Box

  According to tradition, while on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, two Greek princes came across a chest that once belonged to St Mary. In Galilee, they saw a large crowd gathered in front of a Jewish woman’s house. On enquiring, they found that the sick were being healed due to the inexplicable power of the... Read More »

Commemoration of the Prophet Zechariah

  Every year, the Armenian Church reserves a day in its liturgical calendar to remember one of the more obscure figures of the Old Testament: the Prophet Zechariah. Zechariah’s collection of prophecies and oracles stands among the last books of the canonical Old Testament. In its opening verse, Zechariah situates himself in time during the... Read More »