English Armenian Description
Sanctuary Khoran The main altar of the church is made up of the Holy Altar, Apse. Bema, Veil and Aumbries.
Holy Altar Soorp Seghan This is the table of sacrifice on which Holy Communion is prepared.
Apse Kozak The semi-circular space forming the Sanctuary.
Bema Pem (Ambion) The floor of the Apse.
Aumbry Khorsh Two Aumbries are situated in the right and left walls of the Apse respectively and house the chalice and other sacred objects.
Chancel Tas This is the space between the Sanctuary and Nave where the Bishop’s Chair is placed.  This area is restricted to clergy and church clerks.
Baptismal Font Avazan The font is a large wash basin where infant baptisms are performed and located in the Chancel.
Nave (Court) Nav     (Adyan) This is the congregational area and is separated from the Chancel by a low rail on two sides leaving an unobstructed centre.
Vestry Baharan A room or chapel where the vestments of the celebrant and altar servers are prepared.
Catholicos Gatoghigos The highest rank in the hierarchy of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The Catholicos of All Armenians is the world-wide spiritual leader who represents the centralised authority of the Armenian Church.
Patriarch Badryark The head of the Patriarchate which is a hierarchical See subject to the Catholicosate of All Armenians but with local autonomy. The Armenian Church has two Patriarchates in Jerusalem and Constantinople.
Primate Arachnort The head of a Diocese which represents a region in the world where Armenian churches and faithful are located.
Archbishop Arkyebisgobos An elevated rank of Bishop with a higher degree of precedence.
Bishop Yebisgobos A consecrated position bestowed upon an Archimandrite who is entrusted with a position of authority.
Archimandrite Vartabed A title bestowed upon priests (who have taken a vow of celibacy) that recognises scholarly achievement and church service.
Archpriest Avak Kahana A title bestowed on a married priest as a sign of distinguished service to the church.
Monk or Priest Apegha An ordained priest who has taken a vow of celibacy.
Priest Kahana An ordained priest who is married.
Celebrant Badarakich The priest/bishop who presides over the Divine Liturgy .
Deacon Sargavak The last of the minor orders with the role of serving in church services and assisting clergy. Deacons are ordained by bishops.
Sub Deacon Gisasargavak A minor order of rank before a Deacon.
Stole Bearer Ooraragir A minor order of rank before a Sub Deacon.
Acolyte Tbir The first of the minor orders granted to young men who participate in the morning service and Divine Liturgy. Acolytes are ordained by bishops.
Church Choir Tbrats Tas Servants of the church who partake in singing of hymns and chants during the Divine Liturgy.