“Unless one is born of water and the Spirit,
he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”
 [John 3:5]

In the Armenian Apostolic Church the sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation (anointing with oil) and Holy Communion are all given at the time of Baptism.

The Baptism ceremony can be performed in two ways:

1. After having consecrated the water by the sign of the cross and with the holy chrism and emerging the body of baby into the water three times,

2. Pouring holy water three times upon the head of the person being baptised and washing the face and the senses of adults.

To book a Baptism:

–     copy of the ‘church’ marriage certificate or date of marriage if the marriage ceremony was conducted in the Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Resurrection in Sydney

–     copy of the child’s birth certificate.

  • There are different package options for the baptism service. Information and prices are available from the church office.

Things to bring on Baptism Day:

  • cross necklace
  • 2 white towels
  • gloves to protect the anointed hands
  • christening gown/clothes
  • 2 candles (optional)