When a loved one passes, the family normally contacts a priest for pastoral care and a funeral director to make arrangements.

The church office will assist the family in planning and organising the church and requiem services.

The family will be requested to provide details about their loved one to assist the presiding clergy in delivering the eulogy at the funeral service. The office staff will be available to advise families on the type of information to include.

Memorial Hall Service – Hokehjush/Hokesoorj

The Edgarian Hall is available for service of coffee (hokesoorj) or meal (hokejush) following the funeral and burial service.

Included in the use of the hall is: chairs, tables, kitchen facilities, coffee/tea cups. The hirer is responsible for the provision of sweets, coffee/tea/sugar/milk, plates, cutlery, napkins, tablecloths, meals, etc.

Information on cost and conditions of hall use is available from the church office.

Customary Practices

There are some customary practices in the Armenian Church following the passing of a loved one which can provide comfort and solace to bereaving families with prayers offered to the Almighty in rememberance of the soul of the dearly departed.  These practices are held at the request of the bereaved.

  • Before dusk on Saturday eve following the funeral, the priest blesses the bed of the deceased offering prayers for the restful soul of the deceased.
  • Requiems are held for the soul of the deceased generally on the Sunday following the funeral (“ootohrnek”); forty days after the passing (“karasoonk”); and subsequent anniversaries (“darelits”).