“It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him
a helper fit for him.”
  [Genesis 2:18]

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony or Marriage is the consecration of the union between a man and a woman in lawful marriage.  By mutual accord of the man and the woman, they are united together with a spiritual bond to each other and to the Church.

To book a Marriage with the Church:

–     copies of birth certificates

–  copies of baptism certificates or date/s of baptism if baptised in the Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Resurrection in Sydney [if one of the betrothed is not baptised or confirmed in the Armenian Apostolic Church s/he must first be baptised/ confirmed prior to the marriage]

–     copies of ‘Single Status Certificate’

–     if required for identification purposes, copies of parents’ passports

–     if applicable, copy of divorce decree.

  • Once the initial Application for Marriage form is completed you will be contacted by the church office 8 weeks before your wedding date to organise the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form required by law.
  • You will also need to decide on the preferred wedding package which outlines the number of clergy and deacons you wish to preside over your wedding and cost. This information is available from the church office.

Wedding Service Booklet

Should you wish to prepare a Wedding Service Booklet in English for your guests, the church office can provide a soft or hard copy of the order of service. Design, preparation, printing and distribution remain your responsibility.