In the sacred traditions of the Armenian Church, there is the beautiful practice of blessing services which provide spiritual nourishment and comfort to our souls. Through these ceremonies our faith is replenished and the presence of our Lord is felt.

Blessings and prayers are offered for different occasions and in times of personal need.

  • Infant Presentation –  to the Church of newborns, normally at forty days.
  • Engagement – blessing of the rings and the betrothed couple.
  • Home Blessing – normally at Christmas and Easter or on occasion of moving into a new home (or business).
  • Blessing of Graves – on Remembrance Days (7 January, Easter Monday, 25 April) and at other times by request.
  • Anointing of the Sick – for the very ill relying on God’s mercy and belief that the Holy Oil will quicken the recovery.

To organise a Blessing:

For Infant Presentation:

  • before participating in Sunday’s Divine Liturgy, register your child’s name with the church office
  • approach the celebrant priest following the Liturgy to perform the blessing service.