Sunday 1 March 2020. Second Sunday of Great Lent. Sunday of the Expulsion. After the Sunrise Service (Arevakal), a closed curtain Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the end of which Archbishop Derderian delivered the homily. He first expressed his gratitude to the Armenian community for the warmth shown to him and the nurturing care demonstrated toward the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. He reflected on his visits with the seniors of the Friday Welfare Centre program and his encounter with the students in the Armenian schools, all of which had left their mark on him.
The Archbishop was surrounded by 35 students of the Holy Resurrection Church Sunday School. He prayed spontaneously together with the children and then spoke to the more than 300 congregants again explaining the urgent work of rebuilding the Cathedral.
Archbishops Derderian and Najarian with the Parish Priests joined the faithful in the church courtyard. After a personal meeting which lasted about one and a half hours, the clergy with representatives from the two Parish Councils and the Diocesan Council enjoyed a lunch together. In the evening, Archbishop Derderian departed for Yerevan with good memories to participate in the Supreme Spiritual Council meeting on March 3.