On Sunday 3 April 2022, ACYA prepared a delicious Lenten falafel luncheon on the church lawns as a fundraiser for the upcoming Youth Conference in Armenia.
From 5-10 July the annual Pan-Church Youth Conference will be held at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and a group of up to eight youth have their sights on taking part. Having experienced a youth conference in 2018 and the wonderful connections with youth from Dioceses around the world the youth will no doubt strive hard to achieve this mission.
The support from the community was overwhelming on such a beautiful sunny day, with the falafel rolls being enjoyed by all.
A very special thanks to George Khoulmounian for organising the delicious falafel as well as Sylvia Kassabian and Nyree Pezikian for preparing, cooking and assisting the ACYA members on the day.