“I am the door; if anyone enters by Me, he will be saved.” –  John 10:9

On Sunday 28 December 2014 before the start of the Divine Liturgy His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian consecrated the new wooden handcrafted doors of the Church of Holy Resurrection with the Holy Muron (oil).

The doors are rich in symbolism of our faith featuring the Armenian cross with traditional motifs including the Arevakhach (literal translation: “Solar Cross”) which is one of the ancient Armenian symbols of eternity and light.

The doors bring a unique, traditional beauty to the facade of our Church and provide a welcome greeting to those who enter through them.


The ordination ceremony of Raffi Jebejian and Krikor Ayjnadjian to the first minor order of Acolyte was also held on Sunday presided by Bishop Haigazoun Najarian.

The Primate praised the commitment and devotion of these young men to the church who have served as altar servants for the past few years. With the hope that their example will inspire and motivate others in the community Bishop Najarian called upon the youth to consider serving in the church and particularly for young men on the altar.


As St Stephen was the first deacon to be ordained by the twelve Apostles on this commemoration day the Armenian Apostolic Church tributes its dedicated deacons. In unison the deacons chanted donning the Crown (Saghavard) worn by priests in the Divine Liturgy symbolising the helmet of salvation and royal attribute of Christ our King.

A dinner was hosted in the evening by the Church Council to honour the long-serving deacons and the newly ordained acolytes.