Friday 14 December: As they made their entrance into the nave of the Church, our Sunday school students accompanied by the ACYA Church Youth singing the Lord’s Prayer followed by a chant of  the Holy Sanctus ‘Soorp, Soorp, Soorp’ and then in a processional to a beautiful, melodic string arrangement, it was evident what a meaningful production was ahead. The hour-long program was filled with a harmony of voices and musical accompaniment from the classical ‘Ave Maria’ to our church hymns and carols, a depiction with narratives of the Nativity, a reading of Grigor Narekatsi by Reverend Father Avetis Hambardzumyan, angelic dance movements with candles by the older Sunday schools girls and expressions of praise and worship raised to our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ.

The evening concluded as meaningfully as it commenced. With questions posed and messages to remind us of our responsibilities as true Christians of the Light, the leader of the Youth Choir Boghos Keleshian gave a moving testimony and message on the power of unity, finding contentment in life and trusting in God’s Sovereign plan in our lives. His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian concluded the program with his fatherly message and prayer on the beauty of living our faith in love and peace with God.