On Sunday 1 November 2020, blessings have taken place of the new chandeliers that have been gifted to the Holy Resurrection Church. His Eminence Archbishop Najarian invited donors Father Norayr and Yeretsgin Sonia Patanian, Father Bartev and Yeretsgin Verkin Karakashian, Parish Council Chairman Mr Bedros and Mrs Hilda Zorlu, Mr John Nazarian, Mr Papken and Sona Kozanian, Raffi Kozanian, Mrs Ello Meguerditchian, Alex and Robert Meguerditchian and Mr Aram and Mrs Shery Minassian into the nave for the blessing service and to commend their spirit of generosity towards the church.

Among the chandelier sponsors was Mrs Lucy Najarian who donated the funds to install the niche on the right side of the altar where the chalice rests.

Archbishop Najarian blessed all the sponsors and raised prayers to the Almighty that the Lord may sustain them and their families in good health and in their commitment.

May these gifts help to offer all who are a part of this faith community a fuller worship experience. And may we be encouraged to raise voices in praise in response to hearing God’s promise, God’s hope and God’s love.