At the invitation of His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian, on Sunday 10 January 2016, our newly-arrived Syrian/Iraqi-Armenian friends were welcomed at a reception to exchange greetings with one another for the New Year and Christmas. The event was hosted by the Church of Holy Resurrection in the Edgarian hall after the Divine Liturgy.

Diocese Executive Director, Mr Nishan Basmajian headed the proceedings inviting Mrs Zepur Mouradian who is the Diocese Liaison engaged in facilitating visa applications and settlement of migrating Armenians from the conflict region to speak. Mrs Mouradian addressed the importance of church participation and supporting one another as new members of the Community as well as providing an update on the expectant new refugee arrivals in the coming months.

Bishop Najarian warmly welcomed the group for this second opportunity to gather together over the past year emphasising the Church is their home and important in keeping families, especially children, connected to their faith, roots and heritage.

Reverend Father Avetis Hambardzumyan, Diocese Chairman Mr Sarkis Der Bedrossian and Holy Trinity Church Council Chairman Mr Hovig Barsoumian also expressed their heartfelt sentiments during this holy, festive season and encouraged everyone into the fold of the Church.

The afternoon was spent joyfully engaging in conversations and creating new friendships with members of the church bodies.