The Parish Council (Armenian Church Council of Australia in NSW) is the body which provides the administrative governance of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Resurrection.

Members of the Parish Council are elected by an Annual General Assembly of subscribing parish members in accordance with the By-Laws of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Australia in the State of NSW.  The Annual General Meeting is normally held in April of each year.

The Parish Council comprises of eleven elected Councillors.

Parish Councillors & Office Bearers for 2017-18

  • Bedros Zorlu
  • Zaven Yaghljian
  • Arpi Mouradian
  • Mihran Lepejian
  • Ara Kopoushian
  • Avo Karageuzian
  • Vasken Amirzaian
  • Laura Artinian
  • Anto Gulumian
  • Armik Kocharians
  • Sarkis Mouradian
  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • English Secretary
  • Armenian Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice-Treasurer
  • Councillor
  • Councillor
  • Councillor
  • Councillor
  • Councillor