Willoughby Council Dedicates Armenian Khatchkar

On Sunday 14 April the City of Willoughby honoured the legacy of the late Archbishop Aghan Baliozian with the unveiling of a Khatchkar in the gardens of the newly developed Willoughby Concourse. Located in the centre of the Chatswood CBD at the hub of the cultural and performing arts centre, the memorial is of great significance for the Armenian community as a representation of our national heritage. The 1.6 metre sculpture was crafted in Armenia under the commissioning of the Mayor, Councillor Pat Reilly and Willoughby City Council.

The afternoon commenced with a commemoration service where memories and tributes were shared by the Mayor, His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian, Diocesan Council Chairman Mr Vahan Batmanian and Mrs Mara Iskenderian representing the Baliozian family.

Bishop Najarian presided over the blessing of the Khatchkar accompanied by the Reverend Fathers and members of the diaconate before the official unveiling. The Karasoun Mangounk Church children’s choir presented two hymns under the direction of the choirmaster before concluding the service with the Lord’s Prayer.

Following a memorable and befitting tribute under sunlit, blue skies attended by over 400 community members, a reception was hosted by the Mayor for the invited guests in the foyer of the Concert Hall.

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