The Commemoration of Vartanants took place, on Thursday 16 February 2023, with the participation of AGBU Alexander Primary School and Hamazkaine Arshak and Sophie Galstaun College Sydney students, who received Holy Communion ?
A special presentation by the students followed the Divine Liturgy, dedicated to the heroes of the Battle of Avarayr in 451AD, between the Armenian soldiers of Christ and the mighty Sassanid Zoroastrian army.
Vartan Mamikonian has become one of the most loved saints of the Armenian people. Strengthened by the spirit of the Martyrs of Avarayr, many Armenians followed the example of Saints Vartanants throughout the centuries and laid down their lives for Christ.
Today, after many centuries, when silence has reigned on the field of Avarayr, the spirit of St Vartan continues to bring us the sacred legacy of the Defenders of Faith whispering into our ears and saying, “Stand steadfast in your faith, do not be deceived by earthly kingdoms, idols or treasures, keep your covenant strong with God and be true soldiers of Christ.”