It was an elegant evening of festivity and good cheer as community members representing various sectors united together on Sunday 7 April 2016 as stewards to honour the important mission and ministry of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Australia and New Zealand.

The Primate’s Banquet is now earmarked an annual event and with the construction and establishment of the Diocesan  Headquarters (Arachnortaran) in the coming year, its role as the symbolic representation of our Community will become ever more important as will our responsibility to care and support the Diocese to adequately resource its activities and programs for the betterment our parishes.

The evening welcomed Federal MP for North Sydney, Mr Trent Zimmerman who spoke warmly about the opportunity as it was his first attendance at an Armenian function. His eloquence was equalled by Willoughby Mayor, Clr Gail Giles-Gidney who spoke fondly of the strong personal ties she has with the Armenian Church as does the community with the City of Willoughby.

In the capable hands of Mrs Nora Bastajian as the MC for the event, the attendees enjoyed a delightful program of classical and contemporary performances that included vocal solos by Isabelle Marcarian and Christopher Nazarian; piano solo and accompaniment by Alex Sahagian; a graceful dance solo by Nazarena Arabean; and similarly by the Hamazkaine Armenian Sydney Dance Ensemble; as well as the crooning entertainment of Johny Ohan and his band which was received so affectionately.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all who contributed to the success of the event; organisers, attendees, participants, sponsors and donors. All true stewards giving of their talent, time and treasure to support the Diocese.