On Friday 18 December 2020, Mr and Mrs Hagop and Arpi Kazandjian visited the Diocesan Centre, to present to Archbishop Najarian a copy of a publication by the Great House of Cilicia, ‘The Gospel of Partserpert’.
The following was read from Aram I Catholicos’ Pontifical Blessing “We greet with joy the facsimile of the Gospel of Partserpert. This manuscript, which is one of the most outstanding achievements of Armenian culture and spirituality, was written in 1248 by a priest named Kirakos in the Catholicosate of Hromkla (Cilicia) by the order of Catholicos Constantin Partserpertsi. The manuscript miraculously survived the upheavals that characterised the life of Armenians in Cilicia. After the Armenian genocide of 1915, it was carried, together with the right hand of St Gregory the Illuminator and other relics and ancient manuscripts, to Aleppo, Syria and then to Antelias, Lebanon by Catholicos Sahag Khabayan II. The manuscript remained under the immediate supervision and protection of our predecessors. When the “Cilicia” Museum was built a few years ago in the headquarters of the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia, in Antelias, we thought it appropriate to display this masterpiece of our spiritual and cultural heritage to the public. We would like to express our deep appreciation to Tony, Jack and Ara Keusseyan brothers of Los Angeles, USA and Dubai, Arab Emirates for generously sponsoring this valuable publication. May this ancient manuscript, imbued with the prayers of saints and the blood of martyrs, become a source of spiritual enrichment and renewal.” In 2002 a limited number of 500 copies of this publication were printed, each valued at $US2,000.
On Sunday 20 December 2020, in the Holy Resurrection Church, the blessing of the Gospel took place. Archbishop Najarian also blessed the donors Mr and Mrs Kazandjian. The Gospel will remain in the Diocesan Centre for the perusal of the Armenian community and will be utilised in blessing our community members who require it and who believe in the power of The Gospel of Partserpert.