On 4 April 2021, Zoorp Zadig was celebrated with the cries of “Kristos Haryavi Merelots”. The celebration of Christ’s Resurrection and the new life that He gives us was joyfully celebrated throughout the morning.

Celebrant and Homilist, His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian, delivered a powerful sermon that reached the hearts of all those present.

Against the backdrop of the trials and tribulations that challenge us in the world, Christ’s love and promise of an eternal life devoid of pain and sorrow spoke to the hearts of the faithful. Those in attendance, whether physically present at church, or present virtually through the live feed, were united as one Christian family to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Assisting Archbishop Najarian throughout the Soorp Badarak was Archpriest Fr. Bartev Karakashian and Father Avetis Hambardzumyan, as well as our Deacons and Acolytes.  The angelic voices of the Loosavorich and Vartanants Combined Choirs were an integral and moving element of the Divine Liturgy service led by Choirmaster Deacon Vartan Elmasian and accompanied by newly ordained Deacon Boghos Keleshian.

The scores of faithful attending took Holy Communion, to share in the gift of new life. All has been changed, and death can no longer defeat us because we, as true and faithful followers of Christ, have been promised that we may share in His everlasting life.

The Procession (Tapor) continued as those outside received his Eminence’s blessings as they made their way to the church hall where the traditional blessing service of the water, bread and salt took place.

After a pandemic affected year, when the church doors were closed over Easter, the community enjoyed the return of the traditional Armenian choreg and sweets on offer by the Armenian Church Ladies Auxiliary.

The Armenian Church Youth of Australia entertained the scores of children, dressed in their Sunday best, with colouring and craft activities, egg cracking competitions and a surprise visit by the very happy Easter Bunny.

“Kristos Haryavi Merelots, Orhnyale Haroutioune Kristosi!”