On Saturday 30 January 2021, ACYA hosted their Annual Soorp Sarkis Party.
After a short service inside the church, presided over by His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian, the young attendees all moved to the church lawns to enjoy a beautiful wine and cheese evening.
The lawns were decorated with picnic blankets and various settings to allow the youth to enjoy the ambience of the evening. Games such as backgammon and Finska kept many occupied for hours.
ACYA would like to thank everyone who attended and sincerely hope everyone enjoyed the magical night.
A very big “Thank You” to Alex Apanian, from Plan B, for the generous donation of drinks and staff for the “collab” bar!
May those who ate a salty biscuit be visited by your soul mate in your dreams with a big glass of water.