On Sunday 13 February 2022, the Church of Holy Resurrection celebrated the dual Feasts of Soorp Sarkis and Diarent’arach.

A blessing service was held for all the youth, newly wed couples and Sarkis’ as the procession then moved to the lawns for the Andastan Service and the lighting of the bonfire.

ACYA Sydney provided a wonderful array of sweet and salty biscuits as all the parishioners, young and young at heart, jumped over the bonfire.

The tradition of making a bonfire resembles an invitation leading to God, light and hope, which fills our hearts and souls with love and warmth; once again reminding us of meeting the Lord, evaluating our lives by Him, and the necessity of having the Eternal Light of our Lord inside us

Happy and blessed name day to all Sarkis’, Mardiros’, Sargis’, Serge’s and Sergey’s.