On Sunday 29 May 2022, the Penultimate Sunday of Hinoonk, the church celebrated the Second Palm Sunday, which is the commemoration of the triumphant entry of the Ascended Christ into the Heavenly Jerusalem, where the angels meet him with great happiness and delight.
Archpriest Father Bartev Karakashian was the Celebrant and Homilist on this day. He recounted the belief that during St Gregory the Illuminator’s imprisonment in the pit, he was visited every day by the same angel. However one day, the angel did not come. The following morning, St Gregory inquired as to the reason for his absence, to which the angel responded that during the Ascension, Christ had passed through the ranks of the Angels. The angel visiting St Gregory was from the fourth class of angelic hosts, and thus, on the fourth day following the Ascension, his rank of angels commemorates and celebrates the Ascended Christ’s entry to heaven every year.
Special Thanksgiving Prayers were also offered last Sunday, by His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian, on the occasion of the 104th Anniversary of the anniversary of the first Republic of Armenia ???