In the evening of Thursday 7 February, His Holiness met with Armenian youth in the Church of Holy Resurrection for a Q&A session attended by representatives from the Armenian Youth Federation, Armenian Students Association, Armenian General Benevolent Union, Armenian Church Youth of Australia, young families and interested community members.

The evening opened with a welcome by ACYA representatives who also explained His Holiness was ready to respond all their questions. The variety of questions posed by nature were of theological, administrative, consequential and relational matters as the following sample of questions indicate.

*  How can the western Armenian language, which is in danger, be preserved?
*  The tradition of the Blessing of Pomegranates Thanksgiving service on New Year’s Day is something His Holiness initiated. Why did he choose the pomegranate?
*  2018 was a significant year of upheaval and change for our people. Protests also were aimed at His Holiness which included clergymen amongst them. We are now February, when will these protests end so we can move on?
*  Why is purple chosen by His Holiness as the symbolic colour?
* Why does our Church require godfathers at baptisms to be Armenian?
*  In your opinion, how can we become a strong nation if faith is declining?
*  How is poverty in Armenia being addressed by the Church?
*  Why can’t females serve on the altar in the Armenian church?

When the Q&A session concluded in the Church the gathering continued in the Edgarian hall when youth had the chance to speak with His Holiness on a one to one basis.