On Sunday 2 April 2023, the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was celebrated on Palm Sunday with the altar curtain being reopened after Great Lent.
The timeless Antasdan service was followed by the Divine Liturgy with Father Avetis Hambardzumyan serving as Celebrant and Homilist for this popular feast day.
The children duly entered with their candles and filled the church for the beautiful Trnpatsek ceremony. They then received the traditional Blessing on this day known as Children’s Day throughout the Armenian church.
One of the highlights of the Holy Mass was the joining of the Sunday School children, led by Deacon Boghos Keleshian, with the Karasoun Mangounk Youth Choir. When all the children came together for the “Hayr Mer” it was a cherished moment for all.
The procession moved to the Edgarian Hall, where each child received a treat bag and prayer put together by the Ancillary Body.
The ladies of the ACLA were also busy with their renowned cake and candle stall ?