The beautiful tradition of the blessing of pomegranates brought in the New Year and a regeneration in our faith and life in Christ.

In Christianity the pomegranate symbolises the diversity of God’s Grace. Just as the seeds of the pomegranate are separated by thin membranes, yet held tightly together, in the same way the Christian Church holds all Christians around the world together in Christ’s love; though they are separate, they are not divided. The pomegranate shows unity in diversity.

The pomegranate’s crown represents Jesus’ crown and His sovereignty over the entire world as the red reflects blood shed by Jesus Christ, echoing the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord ?

On the first day of the year, 2024, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated by His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Nazarian. Following the Holy Mass, Fathers Norayr Patanian, Bartev Karakashian and Father Avetis Hambardzumyan joined Srpazan Hayr on the bema for the Pontifical Prayer (Hayrabedagan Maghtank), wishing steadfastness to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and a successful reign to the Catholicos of All Armenians.