On Sunday 22 November 2020, Armenians the world over united in prayer to God to pay their respects and gratitude to our heroes who died defending the free and independent life of Artsakh.

We mourned in our hearts the grief of the loss of our fallen heroes, along with our beloved parents, bereaved fathers and mothers, widows and orphans. Along with this unspeakable pain, we are also proud of their incomparable courage, unparalleled heroism and glorious bravery. Our heroes fought with all devotion, with the vision of the just right of the Artsakh Armenians to live freely and the peaceful progress of Armenia and Artsakh.

After the hokehankist, madagh harissa was prepared and served by the ladies of the ACLA, in memory of our fallen bothers and sisters.

May the love, grace and help of God protect our homeland, our people all over the world, today, always and forever.