Message on behalf of NZ Armenian Youth

On the 12th of January, the Armenian Society of New Zealand was honoured with the visit by His Eminence Archbishop Aghan Baliozian. In addition to his duties and meetings in Auckland, His Eminence requested the company of Armenian Youth for a religious and cultural question and answer session. Around 20 Armenian youth from the ages of 14 to 27 attended eager to ask their questions. At the start of the session, His Eminence outlined his intention of facilitating dialogue for the youths to learn about the practices, traditions and heritage of the Armenian Church. In addition to question related to religion, the Armenian youth asked questions relating to the Armenian Diaspora, and the connection between the community in Sydney and Auckland. His Eminence stressed the importance of fostering relations between our communities and stated that with new mediums such as Internet and Facebook, it would be easier to establish links and raise the Auckland community’s profile. The Auckland youth always enjoy seeing His Eminence who very kindly takes time out of his busy schedule to his our small community in Auckland. His Eminence’s vision and presence always breathes life into the Armenian Spirit in Auckland.

(Writer: Rafik Karnik)

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