You may have noticed the presence of five new youth who have started serving on the Holy Altar recently, particularly over the festive days in the last few weeks.
Under the teaching and guidance of Reverend Father Avetis Hambardzumyan, Harout Barzajian, Harout Partizpanian, Hrag Krikor, David Tcherkezyan and Sargis Hambardzumyan have been training over the past months. All the young men are Sunday School graduates and are now part of the newly formed ACYA Juniors.
Their service brings great joy to the congregation, enriching the Eucharistic experience. There is also enthusiasm among the deacons as they represent the future deacons of our church. These young altar servers have been learning all about the Divine Liturgy, and through the process, growing closer to God through their service.
As they serve our beloved church, may God’s Spirit always guide them so they may grow in His love ?
May 2022