Meet Dr Sasa – an Armenian speaking Burmese Doctor

Dr Sasa Maung Taing will be visiting Australia from 2 to 18 September. Among his speaking engagements he will visit our Sydney parish to meet with the Armenian Community on Wednesday 14 September.

Dr Sasa was born in a Chin village in Western Burma. No one in his village could read or write and there was no electricity, no running water and no sanitation. There was absolutely no medical care of any kind and women would often die in childbirth and many children died of simple treatable diseases such as diarrhea and vomiting.

In the course of his journey from village boy to teacher to doctor he has had to learn six languages and spent years in foreign colleges. One of these languages is Armenian. He graduated with honours from the national Armenian medical school in Yerevan in 2009.

He is totally committed to providing health care for his people and since becoming a doctor has run a training school for Community Health Workers, training 320 students from 160 different Chin villages. They graduated in March 2011, and HART Australasia provides the essential drugs for these wonderful young people to administer in their clinics.

When: Wednesday 14 September at 7.30p.m.

Where: Edgarian Hall – 10 Macquarie Street, Chatswood

Admission Free

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