On Saturday 24 October 2020, with the united collaborative effort of the Sydney community, the Australian Armenian Youth Federation organised and led a march in protest of the indifference of the Australian media outlets, its silence and false news reports in response to the current atrocities playing out in Artsakh.

The Protest began at the ABC Centre in Ultimo and the March procession was led by the Homenetmen marching band, bordered with State police protection. The 500 protesters chanted slogans and remained orderly as they began the march of 2600 metres from the ABC, till they reached the Channel 7 television studios in Martin Place.

The impassioned chanting continued during intervals of messages and performances. Archbishop Najarian and Father Hambardzumyan participated in the protest as did community leaders and Member of Parliament Dr Hugh McDermott.

The Archbishop delivered a message in English, as did Haig Kayserian, Michael Kolokossian, Kaylar Michaelian, Hugh McDermott, Aram Tufenkjian, Anna Berberian and in Armenian language Hrant Beujeukian. Internationally acclaimed, local opera soprano Natalie Aroyan and popular singer Masha Mnjoyan added to the highly energised atmosphere.

Newspapers, Channels 7, 9, 10, ABC, SBS and Russian RT stations all reported on the protest.