Join us on Sunday 31 March for “Foule” lunch following the Arevakal church service to share in a Lenten meal together in the Edgarian hall to mark the Median of Lent or mid-point.

Michink is held on the 24th day which falls on the Wednesday of the fourth week leading to Easter Sunday. This year the date falls on 27th March so our observance will be on the Sunday that follows.

Whilst Michink is not a feast day of the church, it has become a traditional day of observance marking the first half of the Lenten period and triumphing over the demands of restraint and continence called for by the long period of abstinence.

It is also an occasion for celebration and getting together to inspire the journey still ahead in the weeks leading to Easter.

To bring  deeper purpose to the gathering, all proceeds raised from the lunch will be devoted to towards a housing project for a family still living in a container/cabin (“domik”) in Gyumri, following the 1988 Earthquake. This project is undertaken by the Church of Holy Resurrection under the direction of the Mother See of Holy Etchmaidzin.