On 18 April 2019, the “Washing of the Feet” ceremony took place in the evening. His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian re-enacted Christ’s humble service to his 12 disciples during the Last Supper by washing the feet of the youth present.

The church faithful then enjoyed a light supper, provided by Maro Varjabedian, who with God’s grace, prepared and supplied the meal for all those present. Reverend Father Avetis thanked Digin Maro for her humble service, which she kindly provides every year.

The Khavaroum (darkness) service followed with an all-night vigil being kept in memory of the last sleepless night of our Lord on earth. Before He was arrested, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane and endured in solitude the agony of His impending death. Six sets of laments are chanted, each followed by a Gospel reading depicting Christ’s betrayal, imprisonment, torture, trial, sentence, and crucifixion. Twelve lit candles, 11 white and 1 black (representing Judas), are extinguished in pairs.