The beautiful Jrakalouyts (lighting of lamps or candles) service took place on Easter Saturday 3 April 2021.

During this service Archpriest Father Norayr Patanian read from the Old Testament, specifically the story of the creation of the world in Genesis. This reminds us that when we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, we are celebrating the creation of the new life that Jesus gave us.

The reading of the third chapter of the Old Testamental Book of Daniel (in its expanded deuterocanonical version) is the climax of the Jrakalooyts reading of Holy Saturday. The  chorus leader is followed by three other readers who represent the three young men who were thrown in the fire but were not burned, symbolising the entombment of Jesus who, although buried, “did not see corruption”.

The Jrakalouyts service was followed by the Easter Eve Holy Mass which was celebrated by Archpriest Father Bartev Karakashian. During the Divine Liturgy, the good news of Christ’s Resurrection was given as the proclamation “Kristos Haryavi Merelots” was greeted by the faithful replying “Orhnyale Haroutioune Kristosi”.

The joyful congregation, that filled up the church this evening, celebrated the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with the Karasoun Mangounk Youth Choir, led by Choirmaster Deacon Vartan Elmasian.