A requiem service held on Sunday 20 September 2015 marked the third anniversary of the passing of our dear, late Primate, Archbishop Aghan Baliozian of blessed memory. The legacy of our long-serving “Arachnort” continues in the acts of kindness and thoughtfulness by his family with the planting of a garden bed on the foreground of the church lawns of three olive trees surrounded by the Gallipoli Centenary Rose*.
Following the church service, the remembrance garden was dedicated by Reverend Father Bartev Karakashian before the Baliozian and Iskenderian families with parishioners looking on. Fr Bartev was accompanied in the service by the diaconate and Karasoun Mangounk children’s choir.

The garden will serve to be yet another lasting memory of Archbishop Baliozian in our community and the branches from the olive trees in time will serve to decorate our altar on Palm Sundays.

*The Gallipoli Centenary Rose was commissioned by the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Qld) to comme-morate the ANZAC Gallipoli Centenary in 2015 with the aim of providing an enduring floral spectacle accessible to the community. Sales of this rose will raise funds for projects to honour all ANZACS and Australians who have served their country in times of conflict.