On Monday 6 January 2020, from the doors of the Diocesan Centre, to the singing of Hrashapar by the Lousavorich Choir, Archbishop Najarian led the procession of clergy, ranks of deacons and choir into the Holy Resurrection Church. The Archbishop celebrated Holy Mass and delivered the day’s relevant sermon, defining the mysteries of Christmas and wishing for each person present that the birth of Christ would fill and guide their hearts and lives.

Harry Tashjian served as godfather for the churorhnek (Blessing of Water) ceremony, which commemorates the baptism of Jesus by the hand of John the Baptist.

Following Mass, His Eminence conducted the ‘Blessing of Residence’ ceremony in the Edgarian Hall, congratulating and wishing the congregation, the Diocesan and Parish Councils a Merry

Immediately following, in the Prelacy, the Primate, accompanied by the Priests, Diocesan Council members and the Chancellor, received the representatives of the community organisations and leading community members, who had accepted the Primate’s invitation. During this gathering which has become a customary event, the Primate personally expressed his congratulatory New Year and Christmas goodwill wishes. The representatives of the SDHP, ARF, AGBU, Hamazkaine, ARS, AGBU Alexander Primary School, Diocesan Council representatives as well as former and current Artsakh permanent representatives. Each message appeared to draw an identical red line of purpose, and that being, to draw our youth to church. The Archbishop stated his satisfaction for the theme of unity in the messages, with the hope that all future community work will be conducted in this spirit. Once again, he emphasised the Prelacy is the home of each Armenian, and its doors are open to all. The guests left with content hearts and high spirits.