Vision and humble faith led to the creation of the Armenian alphabet for no greater purpose than to preserve the Holy Scriptures for a nation that embraced Christianity as a way of life. Such is the power of letters that has preserved a nation and its identity until today despite facing persecution and hardship.

The Feast of the Holy Translators (Tarkmanchadz) is dedicated to a group of notable saints and literary figures who have contributed to Armenian literature. This year, the Feast falls on 13 October and will be observed in our Church this Sunday.

Nearly two hundred disciples of St Mesrob Mashtots and St Sahag are known by the general group name “Holy Translators.” Celebrating the feast, the Armenian Apostolic Church specifically pays tribute to: Sahag the Parthian, Mesrob Mashdots, Yeghishé, Movses the Grammarian, David the Invincible, Gregory of Nareg and Nersess of Hromgla.

It is thanks to the Holy Translators that the Holy Bible was translated into Armenian, allowing Armenians to read the Holy Book in their native language.  The first words written in the Armenian language were from the Book of Proverbs: “To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding” (Proverbs 1:2). They also opened schools to teach the newly-discovered alphabet. This led to a spiritual-cultural awakening in Armenia through the work of the Holy Translators.

Blessing of Our Armenian Teachers on Tarkmanchadz
A Tradition To Recognise Their Valuable Contribution to the Armenian Language

At the invitation of the Primate, Armenian teachers from our various community language schools including Galstaun College, AGBU Alexander School, Saturday and Sunday Schools will gather together at the Church of Holy Resurrection to participate in the Divine Liturgy on Sunday to be celebrated by His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian, also to receive his blessing for their continued fruitful service. The teachers will later join the Primate, clergy, Diocesan and Parish Council representatives for lunch in the Edgarian hall and a program based on educational values.