On Wednesday 6 January 2016 the Feast of the Hoy Nativity and Theophany of our Lord Jesus Christ an Episcopal Liturgy was celebrated by His Grace Bishop Haigazoun Najarian. He was assisted on the Holy Altar by the Reverend Fathers who served alongside the deacons in attendance. The Church Loosavorich Choir provided the choral accompaniment.

In his sermon Bishop Najarian reflected on the great blessing upon our community living in such a bountiful country reaping the benefits of peace and protection in contrast the large number of afflicted and displaced in the world. He invited everyone to examine their lives and consider how we contribute to our community in response to the blessings we so abundantly enjoy.

Conveying his well wishes to the congregation on the holy feast day he announced ‘Christ is Born and revealed’ to which the congregation responded, “Blessed is the revelation of Christ’.

To celebrate the theophany, that is the revelation of Jesus as God’s Son at His baptism when the Holy Trinity was present, the Blessing of the Water service was conducted following Hoy Mass. The Godfather-of-the-Cross was Master George Keoshgerian.

At the conclusion of the church service the procession of clergy and deacons made their way to the Edgarian Hall where His Grace led the customary Blessing of the Residence service.