Soorp Zadig

Kristos Haryav i Merelots! Orhnyal e Haroutioun Kristosi!

Christ is risen! Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ!

Easter Sunday marks the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ when the disciples found the empty tomb as Jesus conquered death.  [Gospel reading John 20:1-18]

The feast day is preceded by commemoration services during Holy Week following Palm Sunday when Christ triumphantly entered Jerusalem as the Messiah.  [Gospel reading John 12:12-19]

The first three days of Holy Week are not dedicated to any particular observance.  Holy Thursday, known as Maundy Thursday is the celebration of the Passover sacrifice and the Last Supper which established the sacrament of Holy Communion.  The ceremony of the ritual of the “Washing of the Feet” also takes place on Holy Thursday which showed Jesus humility and servant attitude as example for his followers.  [Gospel reading John 13:1-30]

On Holy Friday, a morning service is performed to remember the betrayal and Crucifixion of Christ followed in the afternoon by the Burial service which recalls Christ’s body taken down from the cross and placed in the tomb.  [Gospel reading John 18-19]

Holy Saturday is Easter Eve (Jurakalooytz) and it is customary to celebrate the eve of feast days by lighting candles in the church (Candlemass).  The Divine Liturgy is celebrated in the Armenian Church on Easter Eve as well as on Christmas Eve.