On Sunday 13 August 2023, the Armenian Church celebrated one of the church’s five major feast days; the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God.
Archpriest Father Norayr Patanian was the Celebrant and Homilist on the day as he recounted how St Mary, at her death, was taken up in body and soul into heaven. This mystery is called the Assumption.
This act of tenderness was performed by her son Jesus Christ, many years after his Ascension, as a loving tribute to the mother who bore and raised him.
The Armenian Church has a deep and abiding respect towards St Mary. Special emphasis is placed on her being a mother, her honesty, her unique spirit of humility, her virtuous behaviour and her unselfish dedication. For Armenian women, the Holy Virgin is the embodiment of virtue, pious motherhood, and the protector of family sacredness