Presentation of Three Year Old St. Mary to the Church

  One of the feasts dedicated to the Holy Virgin is the presentation of three year old Mary (Holy Mother of God) to the temple. All Christian Churches celebrate this feast on November 21. According to the Holy Tradition of the Church, when Mary turns three the parents of the Holy Virgin, Joachim and Anna,... Read More »

Advent: Hisnag

  The Season of Advent refers to the coming of Christ and in the Armenian language it is termed “Hisnag” (or Yisnak), derived from the word for “fifty”. Hisnag refers to the fifty-day period of preparation in celebration of the Nativity and Theophany of Jesus Christ. What type of preparation does this involve? During Advent, we... Read More »

Ecumenism: Its History and Relevance Now


  A Lecture presented by The Reverend Dr Ray Williamson OAM, the outgoing President of the NSW Ecumenical Council is taking place on Wednesday 24 November 2021 at 7pm (AEST) via Zoom. The topic covered will be "Ecumenism: Its History and Relevance Now". For all registrations please contact Mr Nishan Basmajian at