Commemoration of the Pontiff St. John the Chrysostom

  The Pontiff St. John the Chrysostom, is one of the most prominent and gracious Fathers of the Universal Church. He was born in Antioch, in 347 AD. He studied in the Theological School of Antioch and advanced his skills in rhetoric art in the School of Libanios. Since a young age, he led an […]

Commemoration of Archangels Gabriel and Michael and the Entire Heavenly Class

Archangel Gabriel, whose name means “God’s man”, is God’s direct servant, who is granted the grace to evangelise the Lord’s mysteries. It was Archangel Gabriel, who was sent by the Lord to bring the good news to the Virgin about the birth of the Saviour, and to Zechariah – to bring the good news about the birth of John the Baptist.

Commemoration of the Apostles Andrew and Philip

  Before becoming Christ’s disciple, Apostle Andrew had been the disciple of St. John the Baptist. He was the brother of the Apostle Peter and was a fisherman. After the Ascension of the Lord and the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Andrew preached in Northern Greece and in Scythe. The Gospel of John recounts […]

Feast of All Saints

  Feast of All Saints - the old and the new, the known and the unknown By this feast the Armenian Apostolic Church commemorates the memory of all those saints, whose names are not included in the Church Calendar, but whose names are registered in the sacred book of the Heavenly Kingdom. Many people have […]