On this evening of 8 April 2023, on Holy Saturday, the Vigil Office of the Lighting of Lamps (Jrakalouyts) commenced at sundown, the entry into Easter Sunday.
During this service of scripture lessons, the faithful hear the prophecies proudly heralding Christ’s Resurrection. The crossing of the Israelites through the Red Sea, the taking up of Elijah in the Chariot of Fire, the story of Jonah the Prophet and the salvation of the Three Young Men in the Fiery Furnace are all among those readings which foreshadow mankind’s salvation, the victory over death and the destruction of hell brought about by Christ’s Resurrection.
The popular Jrakalouyts service gave way immediately to the beautiful Vigil Divine Liturgy, the first to be celebrated in triumphant commemoration of Jesus’ Resurrection from among the dead.
After the Holy Mass, the joyous cries of “Kristos Haryavi Merelots” were followed by “Orhnyale Haroutioun Kristosi” ?