On Sunday 24 October, the celebration of the Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross took place. This is one of the four feasts dedicated to the Holy Cross in the Armenian Calendar.
The Apostolic Churches owe this important feast, upon which the other celebrations of the Cross throughout the year are established, to Queen Helena (Heghineh), the mother of Byzantine Emperor Constantine. In 327, the Queen, who was in her mid seventies, set out on a long journey to Jerusalem with the primary intention of finding the actual Cross upon which Jesus Christ had been crucified. Following a series of inquiries, with the help of a local Jew named Judas in Golgotha (where Christ was crucified), the Cross was discovered, and the authenticity of the relic was tested by a miracle.
A blessing also took place on Sunday for one of the new chandeliers that has been gifted to the church by Mr & Mrs Savash and Talar Bedikian.
May these gifts help to offer all who are a part of this faithful community a fuller worship experience. And may we be encouraged to raise voices in praise in response to hearing God’s promise, God’s hope and God’s love.