On Friday 26 October an inaugural dinner was held in the reception room of the new Diocesan Centre at the invitation of the Primate and Diocesan Council for the Benefactors and Supporters of the Diocesan Centre construction. In attendance were 50 major donors who with their contributions demonstrated their conviction to the Diocese’s mission.

The Master of Ceremony, Diocesan Council Vice-Chairman Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian, articulated the important role of the Diocese in our spiritual and national life. He emphasised the realisation of the Diocesan Centre was due to the vision of Bishop Najarian, the tireless dedication of the Diocesan Council and Properties Committee as well as the generous financial support of the community.

Bishop Najarian in turn expressed his words of appreciation to all the benefactors and highly commended the deep understanding that was evident by the firm stance of those who supported the Diocesan Centre. He conveyed his special thanks to the Diocesan Ladies Guild for their tremendous effort in organising the kitchen, dining and hospitality wares of the Centre with such particular eye for detail which was the fruition of the high calibre of the evening’s presentation.

In the course of proceedings, the “Friends of the Diocese” program was launched as the progressive next step forward following the construction.  Symbolic of the “Tree of Life”, the Diocesan Centre now has roots as a building and needs to be nourished to develop its foliage, that is, to grow in its mission and ministry. With this metaphor, the program was introduced inviting the support of annual endowments which is to be acknowledged with names on the leaves of the Tree of Life Cross that will adorn a prominent position in the Diocesan Centre.

The evening left everyone cheerful, enlightened and in high spirits.

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