On Sunday 12 February 2023, on the occasion of Diarent’arach (Presentation of the Lord Jesus to the Temple), in the Diocese’s Mother Church of Holy Resurrection, Archpriest Reverend Father Bartev Karakashian celebrated Holy Mass and the day’s relevant sermon was delivered by His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian.

He explained the significance of Diarent’arach and Trndez (coming before the Lord, and to see Him). He also indicated that by attending church each Sunday, more than coming before the Lord and seeing Him, not only do we meet with the Lord but we receive Him and live with Him.

This feast day is also Youth Blessing Day. Referring to the more than 1500 years of the tradition of Diarent’arach, passed down from generation to generation, he expressed his wish that they will renew their faith and instructed they pass down this practice to their children. The engaged and recently married couples were also invited to come forward and receive the blessing and best wishes of the Archbishop and the parish priests.

Following the liturgy, the procession of clerics escorted the Primate onto the adjacent grounds where the Antasdan service was conducted and the customary Diarent’arach bonfire.