On Saturday 13 February 2021 we celebrated the eve of the Feast of Diarent’arach and the blessing of the newlyweds,  under the auspices of His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian.

Diarent’arach, which means “Presenting before the Lord”, celebrates the feast of the Lord’s presentation to the temple on the 14th February and symbolises the presentation of the 40 day old Christ Child to the temple in Jerusalem.

On the eve of the Presentation service, a bonfire ceremony took place. Faithful congregation members, and in particular newlyweds, gathered around the bonfire site and watched while Srpazan Hayr set the fuel alight with burning candles from the church.

The young and young at heart jumped joyously over the fire, which symbolises the warmth and light of the Lord and fills newlyweds, youth and families with happiness and joy.

The remaining ashes are collected and scattered over fields and pastures for prosperity.