The Master Sculptor, Varaztad Hambardzumyan with his co-craftsman Garik Hovhannisyan presented a number of workshops with school visits to Galstaun College, AGBU Alexander School, Toomanian and Takmanchadz Saturday Schools as well as community forums at the Edgarian Hall and Armenian Cultural Centre. During these sessions, video presentations demonstrated the technique and art of carving stone followed by question-answer sessions with the Master craftsman. Practical workshops were also conducted at the schools as students chiselled away at stones to create personalised khachkars as keepsakes of this special experience.

With the installation of the Memorial Khachkar at its home in Beauchamp Park on Wednesday 4 November 2015, the craftsmen set work on the final stage of the monument before the official unveiling ceremony on Sunday.

Throughout the personal conversations, interviews and information sessions conducted with the Master himself, it was evident that behind the unique skill of those hands lies a deep soul whose craft was far beyond carving stone but an expression of connecting our faith and souls to the heights of God.

The presence of these craftsmen has undoubtedly left its mark on our community not only through etchings on stone but by the significance of these khachkars in our hearts.