Commemoration of the Prophet St David and Apostle St James


On Thursday 23 December 2021 the church commemorates the Prophet St David and Apostle St James, brother of Jesus.

The Prophet St David was the great grandson of Boaz and Ruth. The Holy Bible depicts him as a psalmist, gifted, wise, handsome man and orator. He was a shepherd. During the battle against Philistines he killed the giant Goliath. After the death of Saul he became the king of Israel and founded the city Jerusalem. He is the author of the book of Psalms and one of the greatest and influential figures of the Old Testament

God chose him as king of Israel, despite his being the youngest of the sons of Jesse: God does not look at the appearance but at the heart of man. A warrior and poet, David was also a great sinner, but recognised his faults and asked forgiveness. Our Lord Jesus Christ is born of David’s line

St James, brother of Jesus, is the combining link between the Evangelical saints and the saints mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles. He is one of the important figures of the Initial Church and the first Bishop of Jerusalem. Jewish historian Hovsepius characterises him as “righteous”.

According to hagiographical sources some people forced him to get on the tower and slander against Jesus. However, getting on the tower, he started to speak about Jesus the Messiah, who sat on the right side of God and would come to judge the world fairly. Many people were converted, but others threw the saint down from the tower. According to the tradition St James is buried in the Cathedral of St James of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. One letter from James has been preserved.

The Armenian Apostolic Church commemorates the memory of the Prophet St David and Apostle St James, brother of Jesus, during the main feasts preceding the Feast of the Holy Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ.