At the invitation of the Primate and the Diocesan Council, a Cocktail reception was held on Saturday 8 December to honour donors of the Diocesan Centre in the new building. With around 60 supporters of the project attending with Diocesan and Parish Council members among them, the evening was an opportunity to showcase the new centre and extend hospitality as a show of appreciation for the willing generosity demonstrated.

The Diocesan Ladies Guild catered the evening with two ACYA Church Youth serving the guests and mingling among them. The Master of Ceremonies, Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian reflected on the process of the construction and its relevance. Mrs Laura Artinian presented a new program which is the progressive next step from the construction to focus on the development of the mission of the Diocese. Bishop Najarian thanked all the sponsors, for without them, the building project would not have been possible, as so too, the support of the Ladies Guild, the Youth, and all individuals working cohesively with the Diocesan objectives. He explained the active role of the Diocesan Centre in community and church life.

A bilingual bible, signed and prefaced by the Primate was presented to each of the donors. The guests left the reception contented and in high spirits.